Generation 2040



It is the year 2040, it has been 200 years since the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.​


Aotearoa is celebrating because we have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate health inequities for tangata whenua.​


Aotearoa is celebrating whānau Māori flourishment, success and equity.  ​


In 2040 pēpī Māori born in 2019, the year this initiative begun, will be celebrating their 21st birthday. ​


If we are to achieve equity by 2040, access to quality care needs to happen before pēpī Māori are born.​


We need to start now to give pēpī Māori the Best Start to their journey in Te Ao Marama.​


This vision birthed Generation 2040, a life-course approach to support whānau Māori, starting with Māori hapū māmā and pēpī Māori.  ​

What we are doing

We are leading the national rollout of a suite of pregnancy assessments tools that will see significant improvements across health providers, ensuring all pēpī are given the best start in life.


These pregnancy assessment tools will be freely available for use by primary care providers and lead maternity carers.

Generation 2040 is a pro-equity approach, where we will be provided a small incentive data capture payment for health providers that use the tool with Māori hapū māmā or pēpī Māori. It is our hope that this will improve access to quality care and reduce inequities.

Why Gen2040 is important

Gen2040 is important because evidence tells us that primary care is not currently performing equitably for Māori. This means that Māori hapū māmā and pēpī Māori have poorer access to quality clinical care compared to non-Māori.  

Poorer access to quality clinical care can result in poorer health outcomes for both māmā and pēpī. These poorer health outcomes can have a life long impact on whānau wellbeing and greatly impact the ability of whānau to thrive.


There is much room for improvement in primary care and our mission is to lead improvements that will lead equitable outcomes for Māori.

 Best Start Kōwae

Best Start Kōwae (modules) are smart assessment tools that can be used with all pregnant women (both Māori and non-Māori) across the pregnancy journey:

  • Best Start- Pregnancy Tool

    • A comprehensive early pregnancy assessment at confirmation of pregnancy

  • Best Start - 2nd Trimester check

    • Flu and Pertussis vaccinations and follow up care

  • Best Start - 6 Week Pēpī

    • An enhanced 6 week postpartum check for baby (well-child check)

  • Best Start - 6 Week Māmā

    • A holistic wellbeing check in for māmā at 6 weeks postpartum.