Best Start Kōwae

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Best Start Kōwae

Best Start Kōwae (modules) are innovative pregnancy assessment tools available to all Primary Health Care organisations and Lead Maternity Care Providers. The tools can be integrated into the PMS (Practice Management System) or can be accessed via a web browser.

The tools can be used with all pregnant women (both Māori and non-Māori) across the pregnancy journey:

  • Best Start - Pregnancy Tool

    • A comprehensive early pregnancy assessment at confirmation of pregnancy

  • Best Start - 2nd Trimester Check

    • Flu and Pertussis vaccinations and follow up care

  • Best Start - 6 Week Pēpī

    • An enhanced 6 week postpartum check for baby (Well-Child Check)

  • Best Start - 6 Week Māmā

    • A holistic wellbeing check in for māmā at 6 weeks postpartum.